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I’m Sadhana, founder of Armcandy, a Mumbai-based company established in 2021. We’re a team of eight dedicated to creating stylish and high-quality cotton bags for the global market, addressing the plastic pollution crisis. Armcandy offers eco-friendly alternatives that reflect a commitment to design, sustainability, and ethical sourcing. We’ve gained traction with corporate and family orders, showcasing the appeal of our products. As we grow, we’re excited to expand nationally and internationally, becoming a leading brand for sustainable fashion accessories. Join us on this journey, whether you’re an investor seeking social impact or a business aligned with sustainability. Together, let’s redefine style, impact, and sustainability, one Armcandy bag at a time. Carry with Pride

Carry with Pride!

We believe in creation, ARMCANDY is here for the CUSTOMERS where we are creating our product with modern designs with best quality textile.  The designs of ARMCANDY enhance the attire and make sure turning back by people to see your beautiful smile.


We also believe in the Perfection, where our valued customers are actually creating our product at best through their vision and requirements, as we consider customers point of view first. Our bags are best partner for your every travel who takes care of you unknowingly in everything.


Carry with Pride :
The premium product of Armcandy brings global design and quality in your arms. The Product provides the confidence to enhance your look. One carries Armcandy with pride.

Where Style and Sustainability Converge Harmoniously

Armcandy: Shaping Tomorrow’s Fashion Landscape with Purpose

Crafting Tomorrow’s Style, Saving Today’s World

Our mission is to reduce plastic and reuse cotton as much as possible. Both these aspects are  fundamental to sustainable fashion. Moreover, our vision is to recreate a fashionable outlook to cotton bags with 100% qualitative product which you can Carry with Pride.

The Style Revolution with a Green Heart

Our vision is to lead the world in eco-chic fashion, setting a new standard for design, quality, and ethical sourcing. We envision a future where fashion and responsibility harmoniously coexist.

Armcandy’s Odyssey: Where Fashion Meets the Future

Our goal is to become the ultimate destination for sustainable fashion accessories, sparking a style revolution that resonates with your soul and our Earth. We aim to eliminate single-use plastics, combat plastic pollution, and create global waves of change through innovation, partnerships, and unwavering dedication.


Armcandy offers a solution that's not only stylish but also sustainable. We create high-quality designer cotton handbags that serve as a practical alternative to single-use plastic bags. These bags aren't just about fashion; they're a statement of conscious living.


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